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Was in Allenby Lines for almost all of those splats, the ones I missed at the airport were more than made up for when I was in Al Amaara, Talil and the Shat. Everything was fine until the weekend in Sept Ď05 that Clarkson (Jeremy) visited Iraq, was never the same after that and the IDF just kept growing. I banged out in late 2007 as there was no way I was going to sleep in the wonderful answer to it all ....The Concrete Coffins.

However I was impressed with the speed that the AS90s could return fire before the incoming impacted the base, assuming of course that the insurgents hadnít launched from a school yard/hospital/mosque etc. The Goalkeeper was also extremely spectacular when engaging, although the effectiveness may have been questionable.

I believe the Splat Maps were discontinued after one found itís way into the Telegraph, someone did have some Splat Embroidered Patches made up in various numerical denominations.
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