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Originally Posted by Jumping_Jack View Post
There used to be the production of 'Spat maps' marking all the rocket impact points in Basra Airfield as 'souvenirs' as people left the base. Unfortunately during my time there (May - Nov 07) they were banned due to the very high number of rocket attacks during that period. I wondered if anyone had managed to get an 'unofficial' version out during that time that they wouldn't mind sharing?
The splat maps were a typical military dark humour means of dealing with a pretty shitty situation. I bet 50p on the square straddling my pod within Cambridge lines by Albert Hall. We were living in soft digs and camp cots. Despite concerns at the time, the perception of the time for those on the ground was very much that not enough was being done and that before long, as the frequency ramped up, people would be seriously hurt or killed. The ROE at the time I remember was rather limiting and I personally found to be a bit of a disgrace.

It took a few serious injuries and unfortunately mass casualty events before the pig pens were installed, finally offering limited protection.

If I ever met those responsible for the sleepless nights, and thirty+ lumps of supersonic explosive metal a week we endured for a time, I would have no holds barred about kerb stomping the bastards.
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