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Originally Posted by rudestuff View Post
Why would you want an EASA PPL? Just pay the CAA 45 and they will validate your FAA certificate for life...
Update on my personal experience of validating my FAA certificate to exercise my PPL privileges in the U.K.

So I applied with the SRG2140 declaration form at the beginning of October 2018. Today I finally received the email confirming my FAA validation for the U.K. ...all good I thought until I read the whole thing, it’s only valid until the 8th April 2019 or the implementation of the BASA agreement whichever comes first, and suggests I should consider converting my certificate.

I understand this agreement has been in the pipeline for some time and as been deferred for the last couple of years. I couldnt speak to anyone at the CAA today for more information, and can’t find the right answer online.

So can anyone here more knowledgeable than me confirm that the BASA agreement is definitely being implemented by the 8th April 2019 ?
If so it looks like I should just have gone the EASA conversation route from the onset instead of waiting 3 months for the FAA validation which will expire in another 3 months !

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