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I was notionally RC when at Cranwell (68-71) but availed myself of the opportunity to not go on Church parade, unlike the CofEs, who were lumbered every week. Even worse, the CofE flight cadets were despatched to Armpit House for weekends of meaningful "g*dbothering", whereas the RCs were ignored. Needless to say, the day came when the Religious Fun Detectors spotted that the RCs had got away with it, and we were all sent "voluntarily" for a weekend in a big country house owned by some diocese in Yorkshire. As you can imagine, this was not universally welcomed, especially when we got there on Friday evening on RAF bus to be met by a super-enthusiastic swinging vicar, who told us that the whole content and timing of the weekend was up to us. When he asked what time we wanted to start on Saturday, the first enquiry was when lunch would be served. It all went downhill from there, especially when the Swinging Vic's statement that there was a bar available turned out to be a crate of bottled shandies. We all escaped that evening and went to local pub, arriving back very late and not in sparkling condition to be greeted by Swinging Vic with major bollocking. Next morning we were all dragged out of bed at 0700 and forced to discuss religion all day. Atmosphere among flight cadets got more and more bolshie, and eventually Swinging Vic phoned Cranwell and had us all transported back to base Sunday morning in disgrace. Monday morning No 1s, no coffee, extra duties, wrath of God (aka Wg Cdr Cadets) etc.....but I don't think they ever tried it again!
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