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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
Itís no more dangerous than diesel, in fact far less because it dissipates so quickly and you canít get a sustained fire.
ORAC, the problem is that, in order to contain a significant quantity of H2, it needs to be either under extreme pressure or in liquid form. Rupture that container and you're going to have an explosion before it even catches fire.
Despite what you sometimes see in the movies, diesel doesn't lend itself to explosions.
But the big problem with using hydrogen as a fuel is obtaining it. Electrolysis is horribly inefficient - currently the cheapest and easiest way to create large quantities of H2 is to strip it off from natural gas. So it's still a non-renewable fuel source, and you still have large quantities of carbon to deal with. It makes more sense to simply power the trains with natural gas (currently done with buses in many places).
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