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Originally Posted by Big Pistons Forever View Post
+ 1000 for what Pilot DAR said

The problem starts with instructors. I continue to find it extremely disappointing how poor the average instructor understands what is in the POH. Instead of learning what the manual says far too often instructors just mindlessly pass on Flight - Training- ism many of which are directly contrary to the direction given by the manufacturer publications

Indeed, + 1000 for both. Over 20 hours into my PPL, no-one has mentioned the existence of an 'instruction book'!

Which reminds, Pilot_Dar, you kindly sent me a link to the manual for the C172M. All of its units are 'American', especially airspeed is in mph which seems very odd when the dial is in Knots. But also all the fuel, weight, balance is in rods, poles and perches. What is the advice on using this? Does a 'metric' version exist ? Or do I work in the given units and convert at the end ?
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