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Originally Posted by flydog View Post
...the law of averages says some should have made it.

.....this is a holy truth !!!
Flydog is not the first one "suggesting" numbers don't match. This subject was touched before not too many pages behind.....
Even focusing on something else I come to the same conclusion and must agree that something is "strange" to say the least....

The on going recruitment has been open for nearly 2 years now. The first invitations to the Mollimawk must have started in the first quarter of 2017.....and nearly 2 years later pilots are still being invited for the process at the rate of what....4-5 per week if not more ? For a need of how many pilots ? With a fleet of 23 or 24 ? Sounds a looooong time to find suitable candidates. It takes much less to NASA in finding suitable astronauts !!!
Major legacy airlines all over the world with much biggers fleets are capable of satisfying their needs of pilots in few weeks / months when they start to recruit.....often by the time you hear about it the window is shut.

So, let's be realistic.....something is not right.
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