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Interesting thread Genghis!
Last things first: Always debrief!" 5 main points , 5 minutes an old TRE once told me!"
But that is during normal training. I always ask crew on a normal day if they want a 30 minute de brief as I am payed for, 99% of time not needed.
But debrief FOs after parkbrake set shutdown check list comlpete and pax deboarding when things are fresh is my standard.
Not instructing the last years, but I want feedback and any issues sorted as I go home.
The no debrief from the epipen episode is amateurish,imho!

Now for the abnormal and emergency: PIC ie You take control and decide and RT!
If it had gone into the hedge with You letting the Student ( He was not a qualified PIC at the time) handle it as if solo and having to relay all info into his somewhat rusty circuitry it would be easy to criticize You as PIC! No?

I find myself more and more on normal lineflights taking the RT ,to quickly solve potential problems, mostly with relived nod from the right side.

I particularly am concerned about all the incidents with 3 pilots in the flightdeck.
Were I suspect modern CRM fails due to lack of formal protocol with regards to the third persons duty.
Turkish AMS and the 777 SFO comes to mind , never mind the latest MAX accident with an Engineer on the jumpseat if I got that right.
My point being it is safer to take control and later give it back if so desired, then find that the student makes it more critical.
Nice circuit
Happy ( on field ) Landings
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