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tescoapp, why would the locals in the Med be cool to tourists from the UK???? As far as I can see (and I travel to various parts of Europe a lot), nobody seems to care about Brexit nearly as much as the Brits (unsurprisingly), and I have yet to meet anybody who resents the UK for voting to leave... Do most people think it's the wrong decision? Yes. Is pretty much everybody amused at how much self-loathing the process is generating in GB? Again, Yes... But as far as I can see your GBP will still be welcome everywhere, and by the way I have yet to hear a convincing argument why the Pound MUST devalue after a Brexit: don't forget that Europe and other countries have national banks too, and they together (and sometimes even separately) have much more leverage when it comes to buying or selling large amounts of currency to influence the exchange rate than yours.... A radically lowered GBP is just wishful thinking from UK producers who rely on exports, and whose job will be made more complicated by being outside the common EU market...
A global downturn of the world economy is coming in 2019, Brexit or no Brexit: the trade and border woes between the UK and the EU will be just one little factor in the whole mess, I predict.
Finally, it's not very expensive to purchase some currency to mitigate the risk of coming fluctuations: I have a small holiday house in France, and I purchase of lot of supplies in the US. Accordingly, I have both an EUR and USD account with my bank, with a few month's worth of salary on them, so in the short term currency fluctuations don't even affect me.
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