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Originally Posted by Gertrude the Wombat View Post
But, at the risk of sounding like a why-why-why toddler, why did we do that?

(Don't mind me, I've just been reading some (not very interesting) stuff on root cause analysis.)
It is not difficult to work out. The majority of the voting population wanted to leave. Politicians have a duty to listen to their voters, even if they don't agree. Failure to do so could see them losing their seats. Or as a (ex) counsellor do you think that the UK population shouldn't be listened to? You might also feel that actually the Polictians should not bother to listen to anyone outside London and just do as they want. The majority of the voting population was given a say as to how they saw their future with the EU. It would appear, in some of those who post on here, that certain parts of the UK should just keep quiet and put up with what is happening in their communities.
Not once have I heard from those who voted remain how to address the concerns of leavers. Most of comments seem to be just to ignore them and the problem will disappear. If the MPs etc over the past 20 years had bothered to listen to their concerns, then there might have been a reson to vote leave.

The Lab MP Onasanya is what happens when the Polictical elite seem to think they are above everyone else.
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