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Question: Does a No Deal Brexit cause the UK to immediately stop all payments (39 billion has been bandied about) to the EU?
That's the crux as I see it - the EU want the UK to continue to pay this 39 billion or whatever regardless as to whether there is a "Deal" on the offered terms that Mrs May seems doomed to lose in the HoC n 10 days time.

If the UK is somehow obligated to make this 39 billion payment regardless as to whether there is a Deal or not, then surely the saner of the options is to rescind the Article 50 Withdrawal (the EU apparently say that can be done) and offer to stay within the EU PROVIDING the UK has the supreme power to ratify, amend or refuse to follow EU edicts; to have control of our borders by biometric scans, DNA, fingerprints, retinal scans etc so that we know what the purported identity of any person is. That will chase out those who don't want their identity rumbled and perhaps have an effect on crime in the UK.

The EU seem to be facing potential demands for Eire for compensation of many hundreds of millions of euros in the event of a No Deal Brexit, whereas we would have a war chest of 39 billion to defray some of the costs of a No Deal Brexit, perhaps able to offer a lower tax rate as an incentive to attract foreign investments and thus boost the UK economy.

The EU, faced with the black hole of 39 billion in their finances, plus Eire costs would have to raise income from the remaining EU membership, many of whom have a parlous financial state and are reliant on UK propping them up.

So, NO Deal - No Money as of 30 March 2019?
Otherwise why not stay in and b*gger them from inside - perhaps increasing what the UK get out of the EU by 39 billion or more.
We currently pay the EU about 8 billion a year more than we receive - so let's concentrate on getting that back for capital projects such as better motorways, airports, seaports and train services, as well as the NHS (still with biometric scanning to weed out any false claimants)
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