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Originally Posted by VintageEngineer View Post
My biggest bugbear is that we haven't had any discussion on the issue that really matters, our dire financial position and how best to get out of it. Out in the Real World rather than the images spun by politicians grubbing for votes,our financial position has been going downhill for 25 years and we are currently spending some 3,000 per taxpayer more than we are earning, funded by selling off our companies, selling off our infrastructure and borrowing. That's all on top of the government's debts and liabilities where we are again living well beyond our means.

Against the implications of all of this,ferry services from Ramsgate are a pathetic distraction.

A pox on all politicians' houses.
This is a complex topic, for me at least, but i think you are driving at the crux of the current global capitalist model, which is simply that GDP growth is the be all and end all. How it's achieved, either sustainably or unsustainably as you highlight, is of much less importance.
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