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Originally Posted by ICEHOUSES View Post
I travel monthly through MAN airport, always find the security operators constantly grabbing search trays off passengers whilst placing contents in before they have finished, resulting in passengers using sometimes four or five trays with belongings in. As the poster above has just mentioned, other airports in UK and Europe you can manage to fill several trays and go through search areas without any need for this with numerous trays. All this results in extra queues at MAN airport security amongst other problems, I also notice the constant shouting by security personnel walking around the search area at queues of passengers explaining the liquid regulations, this is unprofessional and not done at other airports.
I usually keep to myself going through security but last month I also saw this behaviour. A passenger got slightly annoyed and asked them to stop. The two security people started talking to each other about how much better they were than the rogues in Amsterdam and Heathrow (clearly antagonising the passenger). When the passenger finished they pushed the tray over (too abruptly) and you should have seen the song and dance. One of them asking the other if her hand was ok or did it get jammed or damaged. They then started talking about the passenger... when I got through the security person was complaining about the passenger. I went up discreetly afterwards and said the staff certainly didnít help the situation by being overbearing on trays, talking condescendingly about passengers to each other and completely overreacting about Ďassaultí. It was at the very most a grumpy passenger. I was thanked then who knows what happened!

The whole pantomime was completely unnecessary and avoidable.
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