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Originally Posted by Private jet View Post
The problem I have with the modern crop of asyllum seekers is that unlike in times past, they receive asylum and then many become very keen on transforming the UK into a copy of the country they are alledgedly fleeing from....
The above is certainly a view point that is shared by many others among host countries. Flows follow the line of least resistance. In the case of the current waves of asylum based immigration, so far as Europe is concerned, the UK with its many moral high roads, represents that line of least resistance. Such a state of affairs offers ideal ground for resettlement, with all cultural, ethnic and religious origins remaining intact and becoming the dominant gene over the host. So it is true that in time there is a good chance for the host to be transformed into a copy of the country from which the asylum seeker has fled.
Unless of course the asylum seeker is a genuine one. One that seeks protection, a safe harbour, until such time when the troubles are over and he/she can return to his own country, to his true home and to his own people, to where he/she belongs.
The fake asylum seeker`s motive is one of permanent settlement for economic betterment in the host country. In order that he/she may make this home, change in him or his host is a must. As to which one is more likely to change depends very much on which one possesses the greater strength.
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