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Originally Posted by squawking 7700 View Post
But Chuggy, who would pay for an independent UK Military Air Regulation and Mil AAIB and for them to be independent of each other?............they'd be government funded, which means exactly the same strings are pulled re. Civil Police, Service Police, SoS's, MPs, Senior Civil Servants, HoC's and Lords Committees, HSE, QC's, HM Coroners when backsides need to be covered..........nothing is ever completely 'independent'.
Squawking 7700, I’ve had the same discussion with Chug and Tuc about this - nothing is completely ‘independent’ and the UKAAIB work for DfT as does the CAA, and the SoS for Transport within DfT holds safety responsibility for UK registered aircraft. So guess what, they aren’t ‘independent’ either! Also, if we took it outside of MOD or DfT then this independent body would still be Government funded and so still not truly ‘independent’.

The best defence we have is ‘whistleblowing’ and the likes of the following book (written by someone very close to this thread):
Amazon Amazon

That holds people to account when all else fails in my humble opinion as it tends to embarrass politicians - and they don’t like that!
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