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Originally Posted by Sprogget View Post
That's the thing about words, they're so easy to type out. Turin has a point, whether you like it or not.

Of course YOU aren't remotely influenced by years of headlines like that. YOU are far too smart to fall for the rhetoric. YOU know the facts that 10,000 arrived in Greece in a single day in 2015 and that about 220 have tried to land here since November. YOU know Turin has nothing intelligent to add while these people risk everything to get here while you pontificate about where to take your next holiday.
I am no fan of the Express or Mail, despite what certain bigots may think.

But by all means show us which of these headlines are untrue and why they are untrue. I suspect the "Migrants cost 1m" each and "Immigrants bring more crime" to possibly be untrue but have no evidence whatsoever to support that.
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