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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
Whilst I don't know the answer to your question, there is a well established market to travel as pax on a cargo ship...which seems considerably more enjoyable than being on a glorified shopping mall and gin palace populated by pretentious panama hat wearing tossers regaling everybody with their tales of cruises past......I also suspect there's no requirement to get dressed up like a mannequin to eat with the Capt.

This may offer you an insight as to what's available....

True. I spent a year in the UK after my dad died and I wanted to make sure no make sure we got no squatters in the flat that I owned. A year later returning with more than airline allowance of baggage I looked into it. The cost then (1993) was about 1300 quid and it would take three weeks to get from the UK back to Canada. When I balked at the price, he said, "Yes, but you dine with the officers every night". I grew up in Tilbury Docks and my Dad was a traffic superintendent, so I said "no thanks" to that and went by air!
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