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A good bit less than that..(I can't remember if the paramedic pay takes them a little over 40K but if it does, it isn't by much)...and given than many were on around 50K when they were in the mil it was a step down, made more unpalatable when the pilots (captains) were given over 90K.

The difference is due to licences - or lack of them for the rearcrew - pilots are licensed and have market rates (primarily N Sea salaries at the time of the contract) and unions - the rearcrew have no equivalent in CAA/EASA land despite being the ones who do all the dirty and dangerous work in SAR.

There has been talk of creating a licencing system for rearcrew for many years and the CAA inspector is a fan but without industry pressure it won't happen.

The flip side is that many do less than 8 shifts a month, know for a long time in advance when they will be working and get a big cash bonus if they have to pick up an extra shift. is offline