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Originally Posted by para232 View Post

im wondering if someone can help, im currently a hcpc paramedic and looking at bristows new advertisement for SAR winch paramedic in the uk.

i was just wondering if anyone can shed some light on what the recruitment process is like and maybe some tips here an there, or whether you are currently a serving winchmen with bristow
id be glad to hear from you about what the job actually entails.

hope to hear from some of you soon

many thanks

The recruitment process depends on your qualifications beyond that of a paramedic if youíre talking about applying for one of the jobs currently online?

SAR winch paramedic or ďWinchmanĒ as most would know it from the past (just not pc anymore) is a combination of aviator, rescue specialist and paramedic. Which of those 3 skills is dominant depends on the stage of the SAR mission and is constantly variable. Put simply though, itís the best job in the world, or at least thatís what Iím told ;-).

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