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If only Boeing had thought to Murphy-proof the AoA sensor, say by incorporating a locating pin that ensured it could only be fitted in one orientation ....
What makes you so sure they didn't?
I was being sarcastic - of course the AoA sensor is Murphy-proofed (as several posters have previously confirmed).

I can't help but wonder if for some reason they changed the AOA sensor for the MAX (with appropriate Murphy Proofing). When the Lion Air mechanics determined that the NG sensor wouldn't fit the MAX, they "made it fit".
While I don't know for a fact, I would be extremely surprised if the NG and MAX sensors were different. Besides, if they were, given that they are serialised rotable components, the investigation would undoubtedly have been able to ascertain by now if the wrong part number had been fitted.

And, while I may be biased from my years spent in airline engineering, I simply don't believe that any LAE, anywhere in the world, would "make a part fit" if it clearly didn't.
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