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Originally Posted by VinRouge View Post
​​​​​​For many experienced pilots with a decade plus large aircraft command (particularly military), the decent FO pay scale and seniority system means that many consider a move straight to BA a release from ever having to bother with command again. Why would you want to go junior LH command again at 58? I'm considering a move to SH (potentialo command) after 10-15years once we are living closer to LHR. But then again, why bother?

​​​​With a small mil pension included, a move to RHS salary after a decade of military command with allowances is around a 17-20k pay rise. I sh#t you not. This is what you move across on.
To counter the negatives re BA joiners, agree completely with VR. I relative of mine joined from the RAF DEP to BA LH.
Lifestyle and pay superior to previous, even after a wide body Command at 28 in RAF. The long wait for LH BA Capt not a problem and still able to live in the shires, only driving to the airport 4/5 times a month. On a small happy fleet and no chance of being shot at. The golf, even as junior on the fleet, good in JNB!!
The inital pay and Command prospects may be better in ie Ezy but they have no wish to do a life time (No change with a Command except pay) of multiple sectors daily out of Gwk/ Ltn, no night stops, and have to live close to an airport.
Of course that is available in BA SH where Command is available much sooner.
“Horses for courses!!”
Although it surprises me that BALPA has seemingly trashed the LH aspirations of many SH copilots by allowing out of Seniority movement direct to LH.

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