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Salute Krusty!

I know this is ”Tech Log”, but the vast discussions surrounding the almost mind bending set of variables, only serves (IMHO) to muddy the waters as to the ultimate cause of this tragedy. An elephant in the room, that many on this, or any other forum, seem unable, or unwilling, to come to grips with?
And what would that elephant be, Krusty?

More to the point: If only Boeing had thought not to Murphy-enable the MAX by introducing a system, whereby the aircraft will attempt to destroy itself (along with everyone on board) if the right set of conditions existed.
There are libel and slander laws that come into play, although I feel many of us here could make assertions and render opinions without facing the law, but sometimes we need to leave our escape door open. And BTW, Krusty, I am more in your camp than nit-picking maintenance procedures, simple mis-alignment, BB's on the ckt boards, etc. Nevertheless, I am exercising caution by looking for something that can be corrected easier than the management decisions of a major aerospace company.

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