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Originally Posted by infrequentflyer789 View Post
KNKT also shows the four sectors from the maint log (in the prelim report and posted in full further up the thread):

26 October 2018 :: Tianjin Binhai to Manado
27 October 2018 :: Denpasar to Manado
27 October 2018 :: Manado to Denpasar
28 October 2018 :: Denpasar to Jakarta

Methinks that Occam's razor comes down on the side of "four consecutive" being a translation error, as opposed to teleportation of a 737 from Manado to Denpasar - I could be wrong though...
I'm quoting from the statement made by the KNKT on 5th November, where they identified problems encountered on four consecutive flights (including the accident flight):

Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang

KNKT: Lion Air Airspeed Indicator Damaged since 3 Flights Before
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