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I remember my only use of those expensive calling cards quite well. RAFCAW Manby, 1965, and the long lonely walk to the Commandant's Residence to deposit a card on a silver tray. Was the door left open for me? Did I ring the doorbell? I can only recall being somewhat nervous about the whole process. But I did get invited back.

Rambling and irrelevant recollection ... One Saturday night the Commandant and family turned up in the Bar. Fixing me with his one eye, he called me over. ""Look after these two for me - use my Bar Book.". Accompanied by my fellow plt off, Dave G***e, we entertained his son [16-yo? Interested in target shooting, so good] and daughter [17-yo? Exquisitely gorgeous, so even better]. At closing time, "Cyclops' said something like "If you're going to keep drinking, you'd better come home with me." So we did. And more stimulating chat with gorgeous daughter ensued, in the 1* Drawing Room, drinking 1* booze.. Some hours later (0100-ish?), "Cyclops" re-enters the room. "It's about time you went home. If you want to drink more, come back at lunchtime tomorrow." Which Dave and I duly did.

Much more fun than a cucumber sandwich!

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