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BTW I swapped my ticket 6 months ago and it cost less than renewing the wanky photo card for the UK.

The bloke that did the driving test couldn't speak English, I had a trailer on the back which I later learned he wanted me to take off. We did the test with finger pointing and grunting. Personally I think the reverse round the corner with a trailer in one go nailed it

What I really don't understand though is why the DVLA sent me a brand new 10 year photo card with my new passport photo after I handed in my UK license when I transferred with no payment made and no request for a new license.

So now I have 5 driving licenses of various flavours. two of which are EU, a few weeks though and only 1 will be the other 3 none EU are all valid without a international drivers permit.

I also have 4 ICAO ATPL's as well... but that's another issue.
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