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Originally Posted by mcdhu View Post
And then there was the expectation that an officer new to a station would leave his card at the stn cdrs house and would be invited to afternoon tea some time thereafter. This slowly faded away in the mid to late 60s when 'living out' was beginning to be countenanced - especially at Benson where, with 2 large Argosy squadrons, TQF and other units, the mess was simply not big enough to house all the 'singlies' - great area for pubs and restaurants. Happy days.
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Two cards, one in the Mess and one for Mrs Stn Cdr. Given an aircrew complement on a bomber base of 180 or so and over 200 all told, there would be a turn over of about 70 per year and Mrs SC would have been pretty busy.

On posting the officer again left cards in the Mess and with Mrs SC but annotated ppc. The cards were a standard size for RAF officers and WRAF officers had a slightly larger one. Cards were engraved and never printed. Apart from one's name, rank etc you could put the name of your Club on them. The Club was of course the RAF Club which served as a permanent address.
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