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Originally Posted by Discorde View Post
After Sully I'm surprised Boeing didn't introduce dead stick landing procedure into the QRH. During sim checks (757/767) I would invite crews to have a go if they wanted to and there was time available. I compiled a set of notes which I thought might be helpful and included it in my 'How to do well in the sim' paper (page 9) before I retired 10 years ago.
Airbus did include an All Eng Fail QRH procedure and FCTM was modified accordingly, instructing pilots that, upon dual engine flameout/failure, they should assess whether or not there's enough time to attempt a relight or just get on to the introduced procedure. We even got assigned a "spot" on our next sim to try this new procedure in a fairly similar way to what Sully & co. had. Good mark to Airbus on that one, I say
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