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Originally Posted by tescoapp View Post
Having another ref is not a certainty of the result changing.

The definition of the question in some ways is even more problematic than getting an exit deal with the EU. We can see the issues with the last one.

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

With the options

Remain a member of the European Union
Leave the European Union

Which is as basic as you can get but still people are calling foul.

.....And even if there was a second referendum its still not finished with. Which ever way it goes there will be calls that there should be another one. And its sets a precedent for any future ref's. ....

It doesn't matter which way it goes the EU has to move forward and change things, the EU army will raise its head and there are several other topics which they need to deal with pretty quickly. One of them is changing ART 50 so countries can't leave and just walk away as the UK has the possibility of doing now.

Another ref is your just looking at another 10 years of pain and arguing. By which point the vast majority of a default exit would have been worked through and both sides will have been able to move forward. Yes there will be still be some bitching but it will be a small minority holding deep hurt in there hearts over perceived unfairness of what happened and it not going the way they wanted.

The changes that will need to occur relatively quickly in the EU will basically preclude the UK re-joining anyway never mind the fact that the EU won't let it back in anyway. Even having the UK involved, with its veto's, for another two years will do some quiet serious damage to the EU.

Brexit damage has already started and will have knock on effects this summer in several countries. I also have a sneaky feeling that this Japan trade deal that one group waves in the air will fail to go through if the UK does come out on the 29th. And there will be several other deals come up for review due to a change in the Market balance. End of Feb will see things extremely volatile. Extension will just continue the pain.

Its a huge catch 22 situation, now there is no way out. Personally I think its better to get it over and done with. Until the faces change on both sides its just a critical mass. I am actually quiet surprised none of the main players haven't dropped dead due stress related issues.
Which is why I suggested the result of another referendum would need to be to a much higher level than 50%+1 in order to overturn the result of the first EU membership referendum, my suggestion was 60% in order to make it a very positive message one way or the other. Those that want no deal Brexit simply stay at home, those that want remain or the ‘May’ deal need to turn out.

There are many that say hordes and hordes of people have changed their mind over Brexit, including some on this forum. If it is true, and I accept it may be, then 60%+1 would put the matter beyond any reasonable surely?
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