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Originally Posted by Riskybis View Post
The pay isn’t the reason to get into BA , I honestly think the main reason people want to get into this weird outfit is to “fly the flag” , “to fly to serve” . Just awful

If you think that is the “main” reason, or has even been on the radar of any of us had for joining BA in recent years or even 20 or 30 years ago I think you are to put it very politely very very badly mistaken. If you have gathered that opinion whilst working in BA I can only think have been keeping very strange company and I won’t ask what fleet you are on.

I’ve been in BA just a few decades and In all honesty I have never ever heard any crew (pilots or cabin crew) parroting those old and somewhat dated advertising slogans as their reason for joining....at all..ever.
More likely reasons for joining I have heard from my pilot colleagues are things like being based in the south east U.K, being able to fly the likes of the 747, 777, 787, even the 380....In days of old people joined in part because it was a company with a decent pension scheme, and a “world leading rostering system” (stop laughing at the back) and the Aspirational bid system was and is a plus because it still allows people to dabble in Shorthaul, move to Longhaul, see the world..etc.

Just my MHO though (oh, I do agree with your comment about pay)

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