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Originally Posted by 73qanda View Post
I feel sorry for them. Imagine not actually mattering.....imagine if the productitivity continued regardless of your absence, it would be a pretty hollow feeling. I’d get so down that I’d probably wander out to the Merc, drive to the beach house and watch the boats coming past the jetty while drinking red wine.
Has it ever crossed your mind why there is so much animosity towards air crew at airlines?
No one dreams of being 'administrator' or indeed an 'accountant'. Children wanted to be firemen, train drivers, nurses or even pilots.
Aviation was perhaps an area of mystique, there was and still is, something fascinating watching an aircraft weighing many hundreds of tonnes departing an airport and next touching land 6000 miles away.
Children still do wave at trains and they still press their faces against the fence or the glass in a terminal looking at aircraft. Have yet to see gleaming children waving at cubicle dwellers.

It depends on how one wishes to spend their lives. If it is accumulation of possessions and fiat currency then they win.
Most airline employees join airlines with at least a little fascination of aviation, be they check in, ramp, dispatch, engineering or flight crew.
For those looking longingly at their late model Mercedes or their beaches houses and have to return to the cubicle in a few short weeks, confronting another 48 weeks of sheer human misery, cold comfort can be found in another deep gulp of expensive red wine. At least for a while.

The dark arts have the ascendancy industrially, they dream up another scheme to turn person against person they too, in the quiet time actually envy those that can.
Working for airlines as front line crew is a far different way to live than endless days of cube farming in a corporate BS factory, with or without the leased Mercedes.

Imagine a life like that?
It would need to be a decent beach house and a late model Mercedes.
Now convicted criminal former CFO Peter Gregg loved his bonus time at QF. He fancied his new AMG Mercedes.
Not quite sure how he will park it is his new accommodation at Her Majesty's pleasure.
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