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“If we can provide ubiquity and low cost, people will actually dispense with their privately owned vehicle,” said Holden at the Uber Elevate Summit in Dallas, Texas on April 26.
But the CGI movie shows them only travelling between one massive rooftop to another, in a CBD.

How will that replace my trip from quiet suburban home to the supermarket on a Sunday morning to buy breakfast?

Uber claims Uber Air could cut the travel time between Manly and the Sydney CBD from 110 minutes down to just 8 minutes.
Yeah, yeah, the ferry carries 300 people there in 35 mins, but Ooooober can carry 4 people in 8 mins. If they could find somewhere to land that aerial bus that takes the space of one bus lengthwise and 3 buses widthwise. And then find somewhere in Manly to land.

Take your dreaming hands off it!
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