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Originally Posted by clvf88 View Post
On top of this, would anyone be able to clarify what other payments are made? I'm aware of the 'flight pay' and 'away from base' payments.
I’ll let one of the newer joiners come up with actual numbers but general observation..

You’ve come up with the two main variables to add to basic: flying pay and time away from base payment..

Closest to an “overnight payment” is the “Daily Overseas Allowance”...which will not make you a millionare..

Overtime (if you can fit it in) is available ...but doesn’t pay a staggeringly high multiple of the normal rate.

Disruption payments (and similar such as the much lamented “lateness credit) have been whittled down over the years and on Longhaul only really starts to kick in if you are a day late back into base or more, so it is not something you can plan on as a regular top up to the income.

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