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Many moons ago while working in Benghazi our offices and accommodation were in a walled and gated villa with raised paths through the flower beds. Tortoises wandered around these flower beds and around the back was a large septic tank with a concrete lid and manhole cover.

Over a period of a few months I had noticed that the indigenous tortoise population seemed to be diminishing but put it down to some of our Maltese lads taking them home as pets.

Come the day that the septic tank was emptied I wandered around to see how it was going. As I was standing by the side of the truck there was an almighty bang and the suction pump ground to a halt. At this point I noticed a football sized hole in the roof of the septic tank, just as the pump truck operator unclipped the hose and the remains of a tortoise fell out of the pump casing...…. that cleared up where the tortoises were going...…..
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