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The Molly ask prep is provided and is not difficult, you just have to dedicate time to doing it. Multiple flights
to findel however are very expensive, as are the hotels, they will offer a company rate but the hotels will be full so you have
to pay full rate somewhere and that is expensive. You will need to stay close or have rental car expense also expensive to go
to your medical.
As mentioned previously no one is offered a job at the end of it that I have heard of and that is 12 people in the last 2 months
7 of whom type rated and current ( maybe more) this is only the one I know about and have emails from.
8 of us are back on type with other companies the other guys returned to 767 757 737

so think carefully if you really want this job before you waste YOUR time and YOUR money on what appears to be a futile
exercise, so they can report back “ there are no suitable candidates applying, we need a pay rise so we can offer money money
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