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Originally Posted by climber314 View Post
FWIW I found the following online regarding MCAS:
"This is from a maintenance training manual for technicians/mechanics.
Pilots do not see this. Maintenance do a two week difference course, pilots get a handout."

Only the F/Os column cutout switch module is affected because it is the only module that interfaces with the FCCs.
What the hell does that mean? Could that have anything to do with the apparent ineffectiveness of the ANU trim commands after control was handed over to the FO?

Separately, with regards to focus on the calibration (or alleged lack thereof) of the replaced left AOA sensor, that aircraft had a history of left-side invalid air data and AOA data problems that preceded the fitting of the replacement sensor. My money has been on a developing problem with the left ADIRU; a Sunwing MAX 8 delivered 6 weeks before PK-LQP had a left ADIRU problem two weeks after the JT610 crash.
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