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Originally Posted by climber314 View Post
Not sure why AoA display is an option on the 737 MAX if a critical flight control surface is controlled by a (single) AoA sensor.
Maybe Boeing should update the QRH for BOTH Runaway Stabilizer AND AoA Disagree?
Seems like Boeing rushed this "PATCH" and didn't think this through completely.
In Boeing's defense it took some poor maintenance and sketchy aviating for this issue to manifest.
A lot of FBW aircraft have much more flight control surface movements (including completely limiting pilot authority) based on AoA without flight deck indication of the AoA and seem to be flying around safely. Also, it would be very hard to design an aircraft that will be still very safe with "some poor maintenance and sketchy aviating".

Hopefully they find the CVR and we see in final report what really happened.
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