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The airline if you can call it an airline, is an absolute shit show. When we were still flying, the operations were a mess, they can't even file a flight plan correctly or sell tickets accordingly i.e if a flight departs at 7, the customer who bought the ticket would have departure as 8:30, crew would be on the aircraft for an hour to two hours just waiting for pax to board the aircraft. The standard of flying is ok, except for the training manager there who happened to be an alcoholic with mental problems, he so far has got two QARs while ''training'' other pilots.

The airline is unable to pay for overflight fees, parking fees, fuel at all airports and the aircraft is grounded UFN.

Pilots, Cabin Crew, Ground staffs, Engineers and many more are not receiving their salaries, not one or two days late, it's been 1 month and 10 days late, they owed the flight crews more than 2 months of salary, everyday you would see people begging for their salaries, and then the chinese management would come in, belittled them and asked them why they have no sympathy for the company or why are they so rude...and that same management would have the audacity to give a date for payment then pass that date for payment, then give another promise, then failed to do it again. This repeats over and over again for a period of 40 days and counting. And mind you the first 2 weeks after the salary is supposed to be given out, all management stayed quiet and ignore people's calls, texts and emails. Right now in KC people are begging for their 2 months salaries for christmas, its heart breaking.

Meanwhile the authority SSCA is doing nothing. Even their own people are suffering because of this airline, it's truly mind boggling to me, for anyone looking to come to Cambodia, run.
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