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Originally Posted by the flu View Post
Brilliant Barry One year in the company - after my first year I was fine as well, belive me- you will feel it in your bones in a couple of years...
if calling you every day during your holidays, often happens at 4 o clock in the morning is fine for anybody (even if you will tell them “politely” to stop doing that) is not a constant pressure model, then what is? During my holodays I had to block the OCC numbers not to be interrupt by them all the time- and even that didnt stop them- they are using different numbers :P
Barry- give yourself time and gain experience in this ULCC model airline then start to make any statements... and yes in over a year a lot has changed- but its opposite your way of thinking- a lot of things are worse than before, thats why I left...
I'm just stating my experience, everyone can take from it what they want. Maybe it's not sustainable for years, I'm not planning to stay that long anyway (although tell that to all those 10+ years guys and gals in the company, they seem to make it work). But regarding this OCC calls and texts - I literally was asked around 5 times during this year if I could fly from my OFF, and always during day hours (usually by text) - do you consider that "pressure"?
Maybe life in this airline can be different depending on which base you get? I'm in one of the bigger ones, could be a factor.
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