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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
I can see LD and Greens picking up a lot of votes. Not out of any love for their policies but simply as a protest. As it stands, neither of the main parties will get a clear majority.
But if Corbyn drops out before 2022, I stand by my prediction of a Labour government.
I heard today that Corbyn has said that if he becomes PM Brexit (the process) will carry on. One wonders if that would stand the harsh realities that the EU deal already agreed at EU / UK government level is the final negotiation on the matter that much as he might like to have proverbial cake and eat it that isn't going to happen. That would leave him with May's deal, no deal, cancel Brexit or referendum. To take May's deal would be a monumental climb down; he's set his face against no deal; put continuing Brexit into the Labour manifesto, so cancelling is out - and that would just leave a new referendum. The only chance of getting that option through would be an at least 6 month extension of Art. 50, which the EU might no wear.

Of course, stating that he won't stop Brexit puts him at odds with just about all the Trades Union movement, save for the RMT who only support Brexit because they think it will get them renationalisation of the railways. It won't endear him to the rump of his parliamentary party either.

Who would be the leader of either main party at the moment!?
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