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Originally Posted by Reversethrustset View Post
Opinion or fact? The fact is you cannot just turn up at Ryanair and say "I've got £20k, give me a job and a 73 rating", it doesn't work like that.

We don't know anything about the OP, is he/she in their early twenties or mid forties? Have they got an offer or haven't they? Have they got a career to fall back on or haven't they? Do they have £20k to burn or do they not?

Are you that confident that you can tell the OP to take a gamble and wait for a firm offer elsewhere before the industry takes a nosedive? At the end of the day whether they spend £20k at bmi, Ryanair, easyjet or some chicken shit outfit in the arse end of the earth it's kind of largely irrelevant, at least they'll be in the industry if they so desire, days got to be better than not spending it and sitting behind a desk wishing you had. Take what's on offer (if it is offered) and enjoy it.
Obviously it doesnít work like that at Ryanair, though they do generally take people with a pulse, money and basic flying skills. Sometimes without the latter .

As for the rest of your reply, turn that argument around towards the load of posters calling the OP a Sky God who only wants an A350 seat or something, and are basically telling him/her to jump at the opportunity because he/she should be happy itís there.

Iím just trying to point out that yes, concerns about the type you are going to fly can be justified, and I backed it up with my own experiences. I think thatís what these forums are for, right?
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