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Originally Posted by CroqueMonsieur View Post

Itís the same conservative and unionist party. The 2016 party is highly relevant to the debate on brexit today.
Whatever. You banged on about left wingers bringing up the miners' strike to absolute scenes of indifference. Moving on -

Originally Posted by andrewn View Post
Jeez - you're a happy chappy Sprogget. Spoken to any citizens of Greece recently, or Italy, or Spain, or France, or Germany? Ask them what they perceive the benefits of EU membership to be - I think you may be surprised at some of the answers you get. The EU isn't the be all and end all of the universe - it's basically a cartel that aims to maintain the balance of power in the hands of the few, for the benefit of the few. It's the feckless masses that believe cheap air travel and cheap labour is the answer to the ills of the world, that keep the gravy train running. All good things come to an end my friend.

What a load of rubbish. Every single last one of the Gammony UKIP check boxes, lined up one after the other. It's the gin fumes wafting over with the breezy dismissal of freedom of travel rights & the correlation is causation of Southern European states that have been basket cases for centuries that tickles in particular. Are you Gerard Batten moonlighting for kicks?!
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