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Originally Posted by Gertrude the Wombat View Post
It happens now, whilst we are in the EU, for people coming "home" after living in the EU27. No doubt it applies to people coming from (at least some) non-EU countries too.

Gertrude is correct. This comes as a shock to some but even if you are a British National paying U.K. income Tax and U.K. NI (which is not that uncommon amongst expats) if you are not resident in the U.K. you will almost certainly have no entitlement to immediate and free NHS care, regardless of where on the planet you are actually resident, inside or outside the EU

As for the issue of Residency Permits and similar for the E27 countries, yet again there seems to be a body of opinion amongst some in the U.K. that as a Brit one can simply “take” XXXX nationality or “take” residency in XXXXX......guess what - as Mac has said it is not the simple and it is not an automatic right..

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