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Originally Posted by Gertrude the Wombat View Post
There have been reports that in fact this is not the case - people trying that who have been abroad for long enough get treated as health tourists and/or immigrants and denied NHS treatment until they've been back for a year (or whatever it is), much to their (ill-informed) surprise.
You mean that happens now, whilst we are still IN the EU? Or are you talking about people coming back from non-EU countries?

I do love these "he said, she said" scare stories, but I can understand how they proliferate as there is so little official guidance out there now.

I also see this specific case as a classic example of the divide between the have and have nots, i.e. wealthy remainers that have moved abroad to escape the general crappiness of an overcrowded, cold and wet UK but want to preserve their rights to come back should they so choose at a point in time that suits them, in order to access the NHS! And if that means the rest of us back in blighty have to just suck up the ECJ, FMOP & ECHR then so be it! Hurrah for the champagne soclalists!
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