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Originally Posted by Cows getting bigger View Post
Eeeeee, you were lucky. Some of us were stuck on smelly old Piper Chieftains. Still great flying though.
Unlike you I must have been a sky god and deserved to spend my time in the beauty of the sky's, the 7T flying box that made Shorts Sky vans look graceful.

I was very lucky. Wrote to Cobham and got the usual ex military types only on the Falcons. However they had an Islander at East Mids so I went and stuck my CV under the office door at the back of the hanger. They were just upgrading the DO228's at the time, one to replace the Islander at EMA, and the increase in weight meant that the CAA would no longer allow them to fly them single crew but as a single pilot aircraft operated by a mult crew. Suddenly two weeks after being told to get lost by Hurn the guys at East Mids were on the phone as they needed 7 FO's for the three Dorneirs the company operated.

Truly a case of making the effort to putt myself in the the right place at the right time and accepting if I got paid to fly then it was a good job to have what ever the aircraft. Especially lucky as this was just ten months before 9/11.

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