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Originally Posted by FGD135 View Post
Back in your day, Bend alot, "getting an endorsement" wouldn't have been much more than flying a few circuits. "Getting an endorsement" in this aircraft is a much, much bigger exercise. The 2-3 week course in the USA is just a part of it. There is also the issue of pilot suitability. Most of the PC12 pilots would be too inexperienced for the jet, on their first turbine, and without an ATPL licence. It was always going to be a separate group of pilots for the jet, hence my estimate of 4-5 extra pilots for Broome.

Do you have usage information for the Hawker 800? I would like to take a look at it. Please PM to me or give me the links.
Oh out of the box are we!

I expect that the location of the build would put any training closer to the country of manufacture and not in the USA - but I could be wrong as I have been (and happy to admit it).

First turbine?
Did the RFDS get the piston version of the PC12?
Is a turbo prop not more complex to operate than a jet?

Yep, it was 800ish hours (from memory) and around 80% in the Pilbara/Kimberly area. No good giving you links you have guessed all so far, try research but do not believe all you read.
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