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Originally Posted by Ennie View Post
I was grateful for anything that was offered, weight didn’t even come into it. Fokker 50 was my first job and I was the happiest man alive the day the letter arrived with the offer. It was the best flying I ever did. I miss it every day, 4 years of proper flying, short line ups, early turns, squeezing in between heavies, 220 knots to 4 miles, bouncing around in bad weather and parking next to Concorde at T4! I’d say flybmi was a great job be it first, second, third etc. To be honest, at your stage you really shouldn’t be being this picky, get your head down and learn.
Was your Fokker rating 20.000 pounds self-sponsored though, or included in the offer? If you are expected to put down these amounts of money you better be picky.
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