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I met this guy once!!

I just registered now as I've been following this nonsense for 2 years or so!! On a miserable day, I love to check out the FB pages and this thread about this nutcase!!
So, Jason is CEO of the future airline of the world!! It was only 2 years ago when we met in Thailand at an English camp for kids! Whilst I was having a year away from everyday life, I took a year to enjoy Thailand. . Met this guy, very very strange... Definitely delusional.... To say he is forming the best airline the world has ever seen, he was slaving away 10 hour days for less than 20pound a day!!! One worrying factor is the numerous animal charities on Gayna's page (if she exists) I've seen people posting receipts donating hundreds of dollars each to rescue animals.. . This guy is scamming everyone and simply living off it in Thailand. . I don't know where to report but he needs to be stopped... Anyway, Love the comments here and looking forward to eventually buying a first class ticket for Atmosphere!!!! 😂😂😂
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