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Originally Posted by RAT 5 View Post
I hope no eager beaver CP's are reading this and think their SOP's need a revamp and tweaking update. There could be an endless list of things that people could dream up where they fall into the category of 'I wouldn't do that just incase something else goes wrong.'

I did come across a training captain from a neighbour airline whose personal opinion was to teach not setting the park brake when 'line up & wait' on the runway. Why? The brakes might stick on and you block the runway. Like I said the list could be endless if you let your imagination go wild.
I never set the parking brake on the runway if on a line up and wait but it's not about blocking the runway. If one of your brake packs fails to release (unlikely, I know) it would not be detected until the tyres burst. There was once a case where a take off was commenced on a partly contaminated runway with the parking brake set and the aircraft accelerated normally as the wheels slid on the contaminant. As the aircraft progressed onto an area of good BA, the tyres on the main gears blew. To be fair the config warning should have saved that one.
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