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Originally Posted by Popgun View Post
No doubt there is subterfuge....

But...what gets lost in the intra-company rivalry is that Qantas needs Jetstar, and Jetstar needs Qantas.

Each would be severely hobbled without the other and so imagining ROIs without the 2 being conjoined is completely hypothetical and ultimately pointless.

I agree with you about the symbiotic relationship but the thing that really pisses mainline staff off is the ongoing subsidy of Jetstar and the way the books are manipulated to hide the real state of JQ operations - especially JQ International. For example, all the fuel that is uplifted by QF group aircraft in HNL is billed to QF International. Joyce decides which section of the group that he wants to look good and the section that he wants to sacrifice.

The public branding of QF International as being in “terminal decline” 18 months after Joyce took over justified his decision to cancel the last 8 A380’s and 50 B787 orders. This freed up the money to purchase 110 A320’s for Jetstar in its many guises. Those orders have been delayed a couple of times because Jetstar expansion has not met “predictions”. How much money in fuel would have been saved if those B787’s had been delivered to QF International on time (not to mention how many pilots careers would not have suffered such significant stagnation).
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