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CAMO and TSN data

Hi all,
I am trying to increase my knowledge of the Continuing Airworthiness Management.

As Part145, we receive components of different type to be repaired. Usually all goes smooth, but it can happen to receive parts (a generator, an APU etc) for which the operator "forgets" to include the TSN/TSO.

Some operators are diligent and able to provide the missing data within few hours, but others are sometimes stubborn. So we have units with apparent no history. This is a problem, because we need to be overcautious in replacing life limited parts.

Now, I cannot believe an operator does not have the TSN/TSO, otherwise what is the point of the a/c log book......

My question: in order to be compliant with airworthiness, is it mandatory to the operator to flow down all the data of the a/c part they need to repair? As a matter of safety, a unit with no TSN/TSO info is equivalent to a unit picked up from the street. therefore how to take it back to zero unit without stripping and refurbishing at 100%?

Many thanks for your knowledge sharing

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